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DMP Tail Light Header


Power Grid LED Integrated Tail Light General Installation Instructions

Carefully read instructions in their entirety before installation.

Professional installation is recommended. Always use proper safety measures during the installation of this product. Do not try to install this product without proper tools and factory service manual. The motorcycle must be in a fixed secure position before the installation process begins. Disconnect the stock battery before the start of the installation process. DO NOT test terminals while battery is connected this can cause damage to the tail light and electrical system. All DMP Power Grid LED Integrated Tail Lights are bench tested in production and once again before being packaged. DMP is not responsible for any damage caused to the product or motorcycle by incorrect installation. If you have any question call DMP directly.

Running Light, Brake Light and Blinker Function

The triple wire harness plugs directly into the OEM wire harness designed for the stock tail light. Optional integrated turn signals are designated by Yellow and Blue wires coming off of the harness connected to the DMP LED Integrated Tail Light. If you are sitting on the bike the yellow wire connects to the right side blinker and the blue wire connects to the left side blinker.


DMP LED Integrated Tail Lights are designed to replace the OEM factory unit with the use of OEM original hardware. Pay close attention during the disassembly process to ensure proper assembly later. Tip: During disassembly it might be useful to use a small digital camera or camera phone to remind the installer where things go in conjunction with the OEM factory service manual.

Test Function

NOTE: Double check before you test the functionality of your new DMP tail light, make sure there are no crossed or short circuited connections before you reconnect the battery. If your new DMP tail light is not operating properly please check all your connections thoroughly.


Please check your local laws related to D.O.T. requirements for motorcycle marker and tail lights. It is the rider's responsibility to check the functionality of the tail light each and every time you start your motorcycle. There is no guarantee that the use of this product can or will help prevent an accident in any way.