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Read this entire Policy. It governs returns and cancellations, and it is binding between the buyer and the seller.

1. Contacting GSXR Parts: If the buyer is unhappy with the quality, fitment or color of the parts received, the buyer should contact GSXR Parts via email at returns@gsxr-parts.com. To resolve the issue, we may require photographs to prove reasonable defectiveness or damage or to better understand the problem. When emailing us, the following information is required:

  • The order number(s)
  • The part numbers(s)
  • A detailed explanation of the problem or concern

2. 30 Day Return Inspection: Within 30 calendar days of the purchase, any product may be returned to us for inspection at the buyer's expense.

3. Replacement Parts: Replacement parts are subject to availability. Shipping replacement parts is subject to our agreement that the part returned to us is defective. In no instance will we ship a replacement part before the original part is returned to us (also known as advanced replacement).

4. Contacting the Manufacturer: During the period where we are working with the buyer to resolve an issue, we may require the buyer to contact the manufacturer if we are unable to access and resolve the problem based upon our knowledge of the product or in instances where in our opinion the buyer is best served by contacting the manufacturer.

5. Mis-shipments: If the buyer receives a part that was not ordered, the buyer should contact GSXR Parts  immediately. The correct item will be shipped only after we have received the incorrect part back. If the buyer wants an advance replacement, we will take payment for the item as a deposit against the return of the incorrect part. Once we have the incorrect part back we will refund the deposit to the buyer. The refund will be in the form of a refund back to the buyer's credit card.

6. Return Authorization (RA): A Return Authorization Number (referred to as a RA or RMA) is required for all returns for them to be accepted. ANY PACKAGE RETURNED TO US WITHOUT A RA NUMBER ISSUED TO THE BUYER BY US WILL BE REFUSED. We will issue a RA number via email to the buyer upon request. The buyer is to clearly mark the RA number on the package. In the return box, the buyer will include a copy of the Return Authorization email to help us resolve the issue quickly. Issuance of a RA number is not a guarantee of acceptance or a refund.

7. Return Shipment: It is the buyer's responsibility to carefully package the return to prevent any damage or additional damage to the item being returned. In addition, we strongly urge the buyer to purchase insurance and signature delivery. If a package is lost or damaged during the return, it is the buyer's responsibility to contact the shipper to file a claim for reimbursement. We do not issue prepaid return labels. However, if the item returned is determined by us to be our responsibility, we will issue the buyer a shipping reimbursement.

8. Lost or Damaged Shipment: In the event that the buyer does not receive a shipment or if the shipment arrives with damaged products, we will contact the shipper in the buyer's behalf. Because of USPS rules, we can not file a lost shipment claim for 21 days following the shipping date. Orders can not be cancelled until the claim is settled or the missing order is found. Upon approval of the shipping claim, a replacement order will be shipped to the buyer. If the buyer decides to cancel the order after it has been settled, it will be considered an order cancellation and a refund to the buyer's credit card will be issued in the amount of the original purchase price of the cancelled items less the 20% restocking fee. A minimum $5.00 restocking fee is applied to any item(s) cancelled. All refunds will be to the buyer's credit card.

9. Restocking Fee: Within 30 days of purchase, any product(s) may be returned to us for refund of the purchase price of the item less a 20% restocking fee. The product(s) must be returned to us in the exact same condition as they were sent, i.e., brand new, in the original packaging without any dings, dents, scratches, tool marks, torn or rip or missing packaging pieces or parts.  All returns for refund must have a RA number issued by us. Return authorization numbers must be requested within 10 business days of receipt of the item. No returns are accepted after 30 calendar days.

10. Buyer Refused Shipments: Any order that is refused or returned to us where the shipping charges are not prepaid by the buyer, the return shipping charge will be deducted from the amount of the refund that is issued. The amount deducted from the refund will be either the amount paid by the buyer for the initial order or the amount calculated by our site for a partial return whichever is greater.

11. Custom Parts Orders: Custom parts can not be cancelled or returned.

12. Special Orders: All orders placed on our website are considered Special Order. Any item(s) cancelled from an order are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Refunds will be issued to the buyer's credit card and will be issued in the amount of the purchase price less the 20% restocking fee. Original shipping is not refundable. A minimum $5 restocking fee will be applied to any item(s) cancelled.

13. Guarantees and Warranties: All parts sold on our website are offered for sale with the understanding we do not guarantee or otherwise warrant that they are Department of Transportation (DOT) approved. The buyer assumes all responsibility for the installation of the parts purchased. Custom Ride DBA as GSXR Parts is not responsible for the use or misuse of products purchased from this webstore. Furthermore, we strongly recommend that all parts requiring installation be installed by a trained and licensed motorcycle mechanic or professional technician, and that all parts are used according to the manufacturer's recommendations and with the buyer's best judgment. Items returned because they are not DOT approved are subject to the above policies.

14. Pricing Changes: Pricing may be changed at any time and without notice. Pricing is mandated by our suppliers.

15. Seller Cancellation: We reserve the right to cancel any order with or without the buyer's approval.


1. Orders usually ship within 1 - 2 business days of receipt of payment. "Payment' is not considered received until it clears our bank which normally settles transactions at midnight of the same business day as the purchase. Most orders ship via USPS First Class or Priority mail or in the case of larger packages USPS Parcel Post. Method of shipment will be at our discretion. We make every effort to ship as fast as possible. In some cases, we will opt to drop ship a product if we feel it will reach the buyer faster then shipping from our location.

2. USPS mail does not move during the weekends although they will deliver on Saturdays.

3. We do not guarantee delivery by a certain date or day. If you are unhappy about the delivery time, please contact us. If we agree that the delivery time was unusually long, we may be able to offer a store credit for some or all of the shipping charges.

4. If a package is refused or returned to us because the buyer refused to either make arrangements to have the package delivered or to pick up the package, it will be processed according to our return policies above.