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Heat Shields and Heat Wrap are a practical and stylish way to protect your boots from hot pipes. Helps to lock in the heat and reduces the heat radiating off a bikes pipes. Heat shield and wraps also help to maximize fuel burn. At GSXR Parts we carry a large selection of heat shields and heat wrap for your GSXR 600, 750 or 1000 sportbike. If you don't find what you are looking for or would like to suggest a part for us to carry, use our contact form to let us know about the part you would like us to carry. Include as much information as possible. If we add the product line to our list of parts, we'll send you a GSXR Parts gift certificate.

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Accel High-Temperature Exhaust Wrap Kits Cycle Performance Exhaust Pipe Wrap ISC Aluminum Foil Heat Protection Tape
Targa Sportbike Exhaust Heatshield