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  1998 - 2010 Suzuki GSX-R750 GIpro Gear Indicator with ATRE (Advanced Timing Retard Eliminator)
98 - 10 Suzuki GSX-R750 GIpro Gear Indicator with ATRE

98 - 10 GSX-R750 GIpro Gear Indicator with ATRE


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GIpro Gear Indicator
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The Choice: Gear Indicator OR Timing Retard Eliminator?

Here's a fundamental challenge....your GSX-R750 has ONE Gear Position Sensor (GPS) port. This means that if you install a Timing Retard Eliminator ("TRE") you lose the functionality on your dash-mounted gear indicator.

The Solution: GIPRO w/ATRE (Advanced TRE)

The GIpro is a Gear Indicator with built-in Advanced Timing Retard Eliminator. This combo unit is not only the most advanced Gear Indicator on the market, but also the best TRE device available for Suzuki GSXR 750 motorcycles.

Gear Indicators compute gear position from engine and wheel speed, while the GIpro reads the Gear Position Sensor directly. This is why the GIpro gives faster and more reliable readings under any conditions.

The built-in Advanced TRE improves part-throttle response in lower gears. It will also improve low end torque at full throttle and disable the speed limiter on certain bike models. By default this function is turned off, and can be activated by the touch of a button. ATRE combines all the benefits of different types of TRE available today, in one single unit.

ATRE is a Switchable + Remappable + Smart + Automatic TRE.

Auto Brightness Controller ensures that display brightness is always optimal. The sensitivity level can be even fine tuned if desired.

The GIpro works well with, or without other aftermarket electronics, such as the Power Commander and SpeedoHealer.

The unit installs in about 10 minutes on most bikes and works out of the box. No cumbersome learning process is involved.

Outstanding Factory Support

Customer support is available from HealTech Electronics.

Each unit is extensively tested, and comes with a TWO YEAR replacement guarantee (The product should not be damaged or subjected to over-voltage).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will both the GIpro and the SpeedoHealer work together (because I know my speedo is really off)?

Sure, both units will work perfectly.

2. I have a DynoJet Power Commander and/or Ignition Module installed, is there any reason to get the GIpro?

YES! The benefits are:

  • The Power Commander/Ignition Module can only map ONE gear. The GIpro will help the Power Commander/Ignition Module because it locks the map in an unrestricted gear.
  • The Power Commander can adjust the FUEL map only, while the ATRE disables the timing retarder used in lower gears.
  • ATRE will disable the speed limiter on the GSXR1000 while the Power Commander will not.
  • You'll find the Gear Indicator function extremely useful in various situations.

3. I do not have a Power Commander, is there any reason to get the GIpro?

YES! The same benefits apply as above.

The GIpro works perfectly with OR without Power Commander.

4. I do not wish to alter the stock gear maps, can I use the GI function only?

YES! We ship the GIpro with ATRE mode disabled.

The GIpro is the best gear indicator you can get for your Suzuki GSXR750. It's not like competing products that all suffer from lag and incorrect readings.

Your other option is to get a GIpro DS-series gear indicator, which has a smaller display and does not have ATRE function.

5. Your website says that the ATRE function is turned off as a default. Does this mean that when I stop, the function has to be manually reengaged via the button?

No. Once enabled, the settings won't be cleared unintentionally, even if you disconnect the battery.

6. Is it possible to check which ATRE mode is in use?

Yes, simply press and release the button. The actual mode is indicated (blinking) for 3 seconds.

If you wish to change the setting, press the button again while the display is blinking.

7. What is the difference between the four ATRE modes (-, 4, 5, 6) on a Suzuki?

The "-" (or Normal) setting turns the function Off. To activate the feature, select either "4", "5" or "6" depending on the motorcycle you have. We list the recommended setting for all bikes in the User's Guide.

8. The clutch safety switch has been disabled on my bike. Will this potentially affect the ability of the GIPro to function correctly?

The GIpro will work fine with clutch switch disabled. However, with disabled clutch switch, your ECU MAY use the restricted ignition map regardless whether ATRE is enabled or not.

Make sure your switch is disabled such a way that the ECU can read the switch signal properly, only the starter relay is grounded permanently.

9. Can I connect the GIpro red wire to a switched power lead?

Yes, you can splice the wire to any +12V switched power lead, such as the hot wire of the license plate light.

10. Should I do anything with the unit after replacing the battery?

No, all settings are retained even with the battery disconnected.

11. Some gears are not indicated properly.

Please execute the Learning procedure as per chapter 5.3 of the User's Guide.

If the problem persists, repeat the Learning process with the bike on stand and engine running at idle or low rpm. Make sure you see the "U" flashing after selecting 6th gear.

12. I ride a lot in the rain. Is there anything I should do to protect the unit from water?

In this case please put a square of quality electrical black tape over the button.

13. My bike has a racing ECU. Will the GIpro work?

You need a custom GIpro.

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